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Uncle Gilbert

The Munsters had various visitors and family members visit them from time to time. They also owned various pets. This page includes pictures of them from the series.

Upper right: Uncle Gilbert as he arrives sporting his hat and scarf

Right: The Munsters sit and have a laugh with Uncle Gilbert.

The Munsters with Uncle Gilbert
Spot barking
Spot continues to bark
The  most popular pet that the Munsters owned was Spot, the flame breathing dragon. Spot lived under the staircase, but was known to leave from time to time. Spot was designed by Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis using the Tyranosaurus Rex model from the movie One Million B.C.
Charlie talkingThe Munsters also had a pet Raven called Charlie. Charlie lived in the Cuckoo clock.  Charlie's favorite line was, "Never more." He was known to make sarcastic comments when family members did foolish things.

Soon to come-

The Munsters pet cat, bat and other relatives!

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