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History of the Munster Home

The Munster home was built in 1950 and was called the Maxim Home. The entire neighborhood was first created on Stage 12 in Universal Studios for the movie So Goes My Love in 1946. It was later reconstructed on Colonial Street. The street included other famous homes such as the house of Leave it to Beaver. In 1981, the entire street and homes were relocated and remodeled.

The house is now called simply Building #3 on Colonial Street. It has been overhauled once again for the television show, Desparate Housewives. (See above) The street on that show is called Wisteria Lane. You can find other great pictures of the house on The image below is shown courtesy of Dennis Dicken's private collection.

The house being constructed in 1950 on Colonial Street

House in 2004The house had a little more character in the early 2000's.

The Munsters Home

The house as it appeared in "
Here Come the Munsters," a made-for-TV movie. This home is located at 3734 Grand View Blvd., Mar Vista, California.
Home as it appears today

Munsters Home Today
This is an older picture of the home prior to the removal of a few trees and bushes. This picture originally appeared in a promotional brochure on Universal Studios back lot houses.

Several Adam-12 episodes were filmed at and around the Munster home. Here you see their squad car going by the house in episode 9 of the first season shown on 11/16/1968.

Adam-12 episode

This car chase occured in episode 13 of season 1 on 12/21/1968

 Munster home

This is the lit up view of the home as it appears in the television series.

original homeIn the late 1960s, the Munster home changed very little. Eventually, Universal fixed up the home and used it in movies and television shows.

Sliders EpisodeThe Munster home was featured several times during Sliders episodes when it was filmed in LA. At right, the Sliders cast is looking up concerned at a mother and child on the third floor.
The Munsters' old home appeared in the December 6, 1996 episode of Sliders on the Fox Network. They repaired androids in the home. There was one shot of the front with most of the action filmed on the porch. Sliders Episode 2In the Sliders episode mentioned above, a mother has just pushed her daughter off the third floor window of the Munster home. The child (at the bottom of the picture) then began flying.

The Munster house was used in the 1989 movie "The Burbs" with Tom Hanks. Corey Feldman's character "Ricky Butler" lived there.

You can see the Munster home on Google Earth. The GPS coordinates are N34 ° 08' 20.50", W118 ° 20' 45.00". The house has been moved from its original location on Colonial Street on the Universal Studios back lot.

Here is a Google Earth snapshot from Halloween night, 2012. (Click on the image for full size) As you can see, they keep improving the resolution of their images:

Munster Home

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